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Spain Immigration Policy

A new amnesty for illegal immigration was announced by Spain in 2005. By taking action and registering with the authorities, illegal immigrants were able to show their presence in Spain as legal citizen. Spain visa and immigration authorities have announced that they will open borders from workers all over from EU countries and they wont need work permit to work and stay in Spain. 90 days are given to find the job and after getting it, the person can apply for residence permit. People from Non EUnationals have to obtain work permit and visa before moving to Spain and work. Here are some of the immigration policies to live in Spain and work there legally.

Spain Immigration Policy

Duration to Get Work permit
The supporting document provided needs quite some time to collect and work over it. It is to be submitted to Spanish Immigration consultants so that translations can be conducted in timely and budgeted manner. Once the application has been processed, it takes 3 to 6 monthsto get approval due to highly bureaucratic system to defend the resident labor markets. After the work permit is approved, applicant can apply for residency visa to travel to Spain and start work. Similarly for study immigrants, students can apply for work permit after completing their education.

Foreign Company Applying for Visa
The candidatescan get employment in Spainwith work permit in two different ways. As a direct employee in Spanish company, the first possibility would be a type b, which is normally for 1 year maximum. It can be extended later on that would be valid for maximum 2 years.

As far as foreign company is concerned, offering services to Spanish company, it must provide a formal contract for services as a part of application process. Hence, an accountant in Spain must be hired tolook after the payroll of candidate to make sure that all taxes are being paid within time. This is called as Type A and is valid for maximum 9 months.

Candidate Qualifying for Work permit
The candidate must fulfill all the criteria’s required to fill the position. If the request is for anjob permit then the applicant should have at least 6-12 months experience with the service provider, to defend the privilege that they have knowledge with the company's systems.Preference is given to applicants with some noticeable link with Spain and Latin American citizens

Once the work permit request is accepted, the applicant will need to make a residence visa request in their respective country. The applicant will possibly need to present a police clearance certificate and an original birth certificate to be approved this visa, so it is worthwhile assembling these documents in advance.

The European laws have made a rule that EEA companymust be capable of offering services to it’s EEA service seekers without having to get additional work permit for its employees. This rule was accepted in 1999.

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