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Russia Immigration Policies

People from all over the world visit Russia in order to get work and grow their careers in their respective fields. Those who want to get study immigration or for work purpose immigration have to apply for the immigration visa to Russia. It might look that Russian immigration is a complicated process but in fact, it is not. If you follow the required procedure you will be able to save yourself from stress and plenty of money. Particularly, if you are deciding to live in Russia to get authorized work authorization after study then study immigration is worth it.

Russia Immigration Policies

Migration Cards
Getting Visa and immigration to Russia is very much easy only if you follow the steps carefully.

After you arrive Russia, migration card will be issued on which you have to enter your personal information, name of sponsoring company and duration of stay as well as residence. If the datavaries on the migration card and visa, you might get in trouble. You will be interrogated at the border. The migration card contains two sections, passport control officials collect the top portion instantly, and the bottom is collected when the person has to come back home.

Overseaspeople will be questioned about the time period for which they want to live in Russia along with proofs such as return ticket. Migration card will be stamped with specific departure date. No matter whether the visa is for 30 days and the person is going to depart Russia in 25 days. It will be stamped with 25 days and not 30 days.

The immigrant visa interview frequently asked questions will be very important as it will be the basis of whether the person is allowed to enter Russia or not. Foreigners are usually given admission without any trouble. If the information you are provided and the answers are similar, there would be no reason to get your admission rejected.

Work Permits for Russia
Those who want to stay in Russia and work permanently have to get work permit for Russia. Here are some of the procedures and guidelines that you must go through carefully.

  • The government will specify the yearlyproportion for foreigners who want to work in Russia. The number differs from time to time. However, on requesting government, quota will be extended because most of the foreigners are not affirmedcorrectly.
  • Foreigner must get a work permit that can be obtained from RF immigration officials in order to work in Russia legally.
  • Standard business visa allows people from outside Russia to come for short visit in order to attend business meeting, negotiation, exhibition and conference. Remember that a typical business visa permits any immigrant to arrive Russia for short corporatesummits, meetings, presentations, dialogs, etc. The work certification is an authorizedoffer from a corporate based in Russia, for anoverseasresident to have anenduring job with this trade.
  • The employer will register all citizens from outside Russia, legitimately employed in Russia, in Russian immigration and tax officials.

Make sure to follow the rules and guidelines in order to work legitimately in Russia and live without any pressure.

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