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Norway Immigration Policies

The Kingdom of Norway is a country with many wonders and long stretched history. Its traditions and lifestyle make it one of the most desired countries one wishes to immigrate to.Although there are many programs under which you can travel to and visit Norway, yet there a few programs that allow you to become the permanent resident of Norway subject to compliance of the strict immigration policies. Now we discuss the visa and immigration policies of Norway in detail.

Norway immigration policies

The Underlying Rule of Norway Immigration:
One must be living in Norway for at least three years with a valid visa in order to be eligible for applying for the permanent residence in Norway as per its immigration policy. So, you can only apply for the permanent residence, which allows you to stay, work and enjoy other benefits of being a Norwegian citizen, if you have been living or have lived in Norway previously.

Programs Allowing You To Work and Live in Norway As Permanent Residents:
There are two main programs that allow you to live and work in Norway just like the Norwegian citizens and become the permanent residents. These programs and the rules and policies applicable to them are discussed below:

Family Reunification:
If any of the members of your family is living in Norway, or is the resident of Norway, or you want to marry a Norwegian resident and want to reside there with him/ her, you are eligible to apply for Norwegian permanent residence under this program. You will become the permanent residence and enjoy the same rights as enjoyed by other Norwegian citizens. 

Work Permit:
If you have been offered a job in Norway, you are eligible to apply for the permanent residence of Norway under this program. However, the job being offered should have a handsome salary and the valid offer of the job must be accompanied by the work permit application.
In addition to these programs, one can also become the permanent resident of Norway, if one is living in Norway for other purposes, including study. Thus study immigration is very popular here.

Rules and Policies Applicable for Permanent Residence Application:
Application Process:
You must be registered yourself on the Norway immigration portal in order to apply for the Norway permanent residence. After registration you have to pay an application fee of Euro 60 (approximately)online through that portal.Now you have to fill the online form and submit it. Now you have to wait for your application processing. It must be noted that there are many other documentation requirements that must also be fulfilled, such as no criminal record certificate, medically fit and health certificate.

You may be asked to appear for an interview with the Norwegian representative, who shall finally decide if you should be granted permanent residence or not. You may consult immigrant visa interview frequently asked questions for help.

Permanent Resident Card:
When you are given the permanent resident status by the government, you are issued a permanent resident card with the validity of two years. It is the proof that you can stay, travel and work in Norway. Previously, a sticker was pasted on your passport as proof of your permanent residence.
It may be concluded from the whole discussion that you must have been living in Norway for atleast three years to apply for the immigration. However, there are some programs that may abolish the stay requirements. But these programs have some other distinct requirements. You are advised to visit visa immigration consultants to decide the best program for you.

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