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New Zealand Immigration

New Zealand welcomes people from all over the world to live and work there and be the part of growing economy. They welcome people with extra abilities, unique skills and highly educated people of different fields such as business, engineering, arts and doctor. Students can get study immigration, after qualifying on certain terms and conditions. Most of the people are not well aware of New Zealand as people usually move to European and American side. However, if you want to settle in New Zealand, you must know that this country believes in living life fully and spending balanced life with family and at work. Your life is safe and secure, enjoy clean and beautiful environment, hospitality by locals and family friendly life. If you are going to apply for visa and immigration, make sure to read the article carefully.

New Zealand Immigration

There are two basic categories if you are applying for immigration in New Zealand through Immigration consultants.
• Skilled Migrant Category
• Business and Investment Categories

Skilled Migrant Category
Skilled Migrant Category is for those people who have specialization in specific field and want to live in New Zealand and work there. The person needs to be of 55 years or younger. He/she must be in a good health state with a strong moral character and can speak English fluently. The candidate has to go through immigration visa interview frequently asked question in order to qualify for settlement and work in New Zealand. There are basically two steps in order to apply for visa and immigration.

  1. The candidate must answer why he/she is interested in getting residence in New Zealand, family status, past experience and skills.

  2. If the candidate qualifies and has enough points, an invitation letter will be sent to applicant to apply for the immigration. After completing, candidate has to return it to the concerned authorities along with supporting documents.

Business and Investment Categories
New Zealand is a great place for investors and entrepreneurs to start their business and contribute in developing economy of New Zealand. If you want to establish your business in New Zealand and bring your family later on, make sure to follow the guidelines strictly, in order to qualify. Here are some of the things that must be kept in mind before applying visa and immigration for investment and business.

People who want to capitalize funds in corporate sector and stay in New Zealand, can go for the residence as well under the investor and investor plus types. Otherwise, they can also apply for visiting visa that is valid for two years under Temporary Retirement Category.

Foreigners who want to establish and run new business as an entrepreneur can apply for Entrepreneur Work Visa. If you are applying for this visa, you will also be eligible to apply for residence as well. It will only apply to you if you have successfully conducted business for 2 years and in some cases 6 months.

Relocating business
If you are working in an organization as an employee and the business is relocating in New Zealand, you are qualified for the habitationunder Employees Relocating Business Category. This category is very helpful and useful for employees of a company, relocating in New Zealand and are not eligible for residence under any present visa categories.

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