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Germany Immigration Policies

Government of Germany is making such policies since 2005, in order to encourage skilled workers to come to their country and be the part of growing economy. Low skilled workers will find it a little difficult to get visa for Germany as compared to those having higher education and higher skills. The candidate has to go through immigrant visa interview frequently asked questions for which he/she has to prepare well ahead of time in order to get accepted.

Germany Immigration Policies

Central Place for Reporting
Engineers, doctors, business executives can find it easier to gain visa and immigration to Germany without struggling hard. German Immigration Act which was implemented on 1st January 2005 allows only qualified people to be granted with permanent residence and allow them to work. The new law also attempts to reduce paperwork. Immigrants will now report to one central place, most likely the German embassy or visa immigration consultants in their home country, to receive work and residency permission. They must have a solid job offer and get authorization from the German Employment Agency.

Family Members Residence and Work Permit
Members of family who want to enter Germany along with those highly skilled workers already with visa can join them later in Germany. They can get permission from Government of Germany to work there and stay with ease. Another new development in Germany is supposed to be positive for foreign students as they will have a year to search for job if they wish to stay even after completing their studies. Germany will also welcome self-employed immigrants, only if they are interested in investing 1 million euro and creating ten new jobs.
Citizens of most of the countries are not to apply visa for permanent residence while others have to go through complete procedure in order to acquire permanent residence. Following is the procedure to obtain permanent work permit and residence in Germany to live lawfully and work legitimately.


  • The residence authorizationrequest (which also provides access to the labor market) for the applicant is received by the German embassy in the country where the applicant lives.
  • The Consulatepermits the request to the immigration office in the place where the job is to take place for earlyauthorization. The immigration office, in collaboration with the local employment office that approvesthe permission, makes its decision.
  • If the applicant's application has been accepted, the Delegationoffers an entry visa to the applicant.
  • Upon arriving in Germany, the foreign national and any accompanying family members must apply for their work and residence permits at the local foreigner’s authority.

To qualify as for a German work permit, the basic requirements for the worker and the German company are as follows:

  • The potential employee has to be employed on equal terms as a German employee.
  • German or other European nationals are not to fill the position.
  • Ordinarily the worker must have a college degree or similar qualification. For some positions, there are different requirements.
  • The German company must be registered at the Labor Authorities in Germany and apply for a Corporate Registration Number.

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