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France Immigration And Visa

People from all over the world move to France in order to search for opportunities by getting the job and live there.Before the amendments in visa and immigration policies, the country had an open policy to pass through borders. In recent times, the French authorities have introduced new and amended policies for foreigner in order to protect their basic rights and live comfortably. These laws and policies were introduced to protect the labor laws and come up to the international standards of labor law. The duration of stay in France depends on what type of visa you are applying for and what conditions you are fulfilling in order to be authorized to stay in France. There are two types of permit visas issued by the visa immigration consultants.

France immigration

• Temporary Secondment
• Full work Permit

Temporary Secondment

This type of visa is for the company that is not based in France and requires adjusting employees in France. This visa can be applied for overseas company but needs some backing and support from French Client. It is normally for 18 months and can be extended for 9 month further after going through specific procedure.

Full Work Permit
It is basically for a company based in France and well established in order to employ a non-EEA resident. The applicant must be a full time employee and must be taking pay in Euros or Francs. This permit does not hold any limitations on the duration of stay.

Duration to Employ Candidate
The time needed to approve application requires 4 to 6 weeks normally depending on the workload. The applicant is required to give their visa application to go to France. This request will take about one week or so, again depending on the workload of office. The required documents must be translated in French and they should be attested and legalized. Those who are applying for immigration study have to follow the guidelines of institute to process the application and get approval.

Application process
The application is submitted to the DDTEFP while incomplete applications are rejected and returned. It requires French client’s approval to either accept or reject the candidate to work in his/her company. The applicant has to apply for long-term visa at French embassy in their homecountry. After taking an overview of the application, the applicant will be called to Office des Migrations Internationales to go through medical checkup. Normally 160 Euros are charged and candidate will be given residence card.

The whole process from submitting the application to employing candidate in work takes 1 to 2 months. Your financial statements and other documents must be written in French so that you don’t have to suffer any extra charges. Direct employment contract must be signed by the French company to take the responsibility of paying taxes and to deal with social security issues. The accepted requestsaboutcapability and experiencesneed that the applicant must be an expert. It is therefore required to have high-level experience and degree in the concerned field. French language writing and speaking skills are also seen while processing and accepting candidate application. It is essential for candidate to prepare for immigrant visa interview frequently asked questions in order to qualify for French immigration visa and enjoy the lifestyle with family.

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