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Canada Immigration Policies

Canada has been and is a top choice of many people belonging to all walks of life, including, studies, professionals, tourists, businessmen and artists. However, in order to stay and work in Canada or permanently settling there, one has to go through a process in several steps and meet many visa and immigration requirements. Now we discuss briefly the different types of programs available to you for immigration purposes and the necessary steps to be followed in this regard.

Immigration Programs:
The major immigration programs offered by the ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Canada are stated below:

canada immigration policies

• Skilled Professionals and Workers:
Under this program, immigration option is available for the people desirous of permanently settling in Canada. Those who haves specific education coupled with professional experience are preferred in this category. This program is for settling outside of the Quebec territory.

• Immigration for Skilful Trades:
Meeting the criteria under skilled trade, people can immigrate to Canada and permanently settle there. The candidates who wish to attain the permanent residence of Canada on the grounds of skilled trade qualification can apply in this program.

• Selected Workers - Quebec:

The Quebec government hires employees and also offers them permanent residence in the Quebec territory of Canada.

• Canadian Experience Class:
People having prior experience of working in Canada (but not within the territory of Quebec) are offered permanent residence under this program.

• Businessmen Immigration program:
Investors and businessmen are facilitated for permanent residence in this program.

• Family sponsorship:
One can become the permanent resident of Canada under this program if one’s family member is the permanent resident of Canada.
In addition to these programs permanent residence is also available for people wishing to move to Canada under the Refugees, Provincial Nominees, study immigration and international Adoption program.

How to Apply for Immigration:
You have to go through the following steps to apply for Canadian immigration under the immigration policies of ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Run Eligibility Check:
Only those people are eligible to apply who are admissible under the rules of the immigration department of Canada. You may be debarred to enter Canada due to any of the reasons mention below:

  • Your financial resources are not sufficient to let you live comfortably in Canada.
  • You may be the resident of one of the countries whose dwellers are not eligible to apply.
  • Due to the security issues.
  • Because of defilement of international laws.
  • Presence of criminal background.
  • If the quota of immigration of people under a categoryhas been filled.

You need to fill an application form for immigration to Canada. The above mentioned programs are present for you out of which you can select the best suitable for you. You may take the help of visa and immigration consultants in this regard. You can also apply online if you prefer not to apply through a paper form. In both cases, you have to deposit the visa application charges and attach a copy of it with the application. Along with this fee receipt, you have to attach other necessary documents and wait for the interview call/ email.

You may have to appear in an interview with the Canadian embassy representatives, who will scrutinize your application and evaluate you from different angles by asking many questions. For help, you can refer to the immigrant visa interview frequently asked questions.

Summing up, it can be claimed that a range of options of immigration programs is available for you. However, you have to meet the immigration rules and be eligible under the Canadian immigration policies to get the permanent residence of Canada.

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