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Australia Immigration Policies

Australia is a country with diverse culture and much attraction not only for the tourists, but also for students, and professionals from all parts of the world. Over the years Australia has adopted different policies for visa and immigration considering the need of the time. Nowadays, Australia is enforcing tougherimmigration policies to restrict the unwanted influx of people. At the same time, the country has wisely designed its policies to attract the qualified professionals and noble people to live in Australia and contribute to its prosperity.
Here’s a quick view of the Australian immigration policies:

Australia Immigration Policies

Visas Offered:
If you are not born in Australia, you must be a visa holder of Australia to live in Australia. You may be allowed to work, study and travel with this visa for a shorter or longer period of time. The Department of Immigration of Australia offers many visas under which you are eligible to arrive and stay in Australia. The most common types of visas offered are Visit Visas, Skilled Immigration Work Visas, Temporary Work Visas, Medical Treatment Visas, Business Talent Visas, Investor Visas, Refugee Visas, and Skilled Nominated Visas. Australian government also offers study immigration visa for those who wants to study and then settle in Australia.

Immigration Policies and Criteria For Visas:
The Department of Immigration of Australia has devised a comprehensive criteria for its various visas. Of course, these criteria are different for each visa type. However, the most common conditions that most of the visas require are specified below:

• No Criminal Record:
You must not be involved in any criminal activity. For visa and immigration, you have to produce zero criminal record certificate from the police department (or similar authority) of your state.

• The Surety of Survival and Leave:

Unless you are a man with extraordinary qualities and abilities, you are required to provide the surety at the time of visa that you can survive and afford living in Australia. For this purpose, you have to present the record of your bank account through a bank statement clearly showing the transactions made in previous years the handsome remaining balance. You may also be asked to purchase the return ticket in advance.

• Medical Certificate:
You are also required to provide Australian government about the details of any fatal, chronic or other disease, especially Tuberculosis and Polio. In such situations you may be refused to enter Australia, unless the visa is applied for medical treatment.

• Interview:
Australian government conducts interviews of every applicant where it is finally decided whether you should be granted a visa or not. To successfully pass through this interview you may view immigrant visa interview frequently asked questions.

• Point Based Assessment System:
Like many other countries of the world, the Australian government has also used the point based system to attract and welcome the top talent of the world under work visa category. If you meet the point based criteria you may be allowed to permanently settle down in Australia. Points are awarded for your academic record,such as for undergraduate level study, graduate level study, master level and Ph.Dlevel study. Points are also awarded on the basis of professional experience and achievementsof the applicant.
In addition to these criteria, there may be many other rules, especially for immigration study and work, which are subject to change at any time.You need to frequently check the updated criteria and immigration policies, or you can get the help of visa immigration consultants.

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