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Student Visa for Australia
It is great to study at any of the top rated Australian universities, as these universities have of the best teachers with them and students from all around the world come here to study a number of courses. But to study in Australia, you need to have a valid Australian Student Visa.

Australian Student Visa lets you study and work in Australia for a time span equal to your course duration, plus, additional 28 days after you take your last official class at the institute you are enrolled. Following are some of the important details regarding Student Visa for Australia.

There is no upper age limit for this visa, but you need to be at least 18 years of age if you need to obtain this visa.

Student Visa for Australia can be obtained for a number of different courses. It can be obtained for language courses (English, IELTS etc.), Professional Courses (for instance Vocational courses, etc.), and undergraduate courses such as Bachelor, Masters, and Postgraduate courses, as well.

Confirmation of Enrolment:
You can only get your student visa approved if a visa is accompanied by a recognized course by any Australian school. Visa is also linked to a document called COE, which means Confirmation of Enrolment. This document is a proof that the student has been enrolled in the school, and contains important information such as the date of commencement of the course and the date at which course ends.

Two courses in the same visa:
You can also use a single visa for more than one course. It means you can combine a professional course and a vocational course in a single visa.

Time duration:
The upper limit of duration of a related visa is 50 weeks, while the lower limit is 12 weeks.

How to apply?
You can apply for Australian Student Visa online or you may also visit Australian Embassy in the country you reside. You need to provide COE to apply for this visa along with other required documents such as passport, bank statement, IELTS certificate, and police character certificate.

Cost is another important issue, when it comes to applying Student Visa. You need to pay AUD 535 during the process of applying for the visa. For the facility of people,this amount can be paid online through credit card.

Work with student visa:
Student visa is primarily for the study purposes, but you can also work under this visa within special terms and conditions.

Part time work is quite well paid in Australia and is easily available. This will let you cover all your necessary expenses such as college dues, residence, transport, and food. The work hours of a part time job will never disturb the schedules of yourclasses.

You can work for 40 hours in 2 weeks while you are taking your classes. In case, there is any pause in course, you can work full time as well.

To work while studying, you need to have a Tax File Number and a bank account, so that payments can be made easily.

You need to fulfil all the above mentioned requirements if you want to obtain Australian Student visa.
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