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Student Visa for Canada
Studying in Canada is a dream for most of the students all over the world. To be enrolled in Canadian university, you have to get the study permit, which works as student visa for the period of stay. However, if your course duration is six months or less, there is no need of a Canadian study permit. If your course duration is six months and you wish to continue your studies, you have to leave Canada to apply for a study permit.

You can apply for renewal of Canadian Study Permit, once you have the Canadian study permit. For students who are enrolled in accredited institute can also work part time on campus. There is also an option to work part time outside the campus as an internee, find work after graduating and staying in Canada as a permanent resident.

How can you applyfor aCanadian Study Permit?
There are two options available to apply for a student visa. Either you can submit a paper application, or simply visit their site online. Paper application forms can be obtained from Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. Paper application usually requires more time to process, therefore it is advised to check the processing time in advance. To apply online, you need to have a debit/credit card and a scanner/camera to make electronic copies. The visa office will provide all the necessary information about the documents needed for applying, depending on your region.

Process of Obtaining Visa
It is necessary to get the letter of acceptance from recognized university. It is necessary to acquire before applying for a study permit. You can obtain it online, by printing out a form, or by demanding a paper form from your university, which will also give suggestions on this matter.

Student visa application package is to be obtained either from CIC website, calling the local visa office or through the Canadian consulate in your homeland. You also need to get the temporary residence permit if you are from a particular region.

In order to get approval for a Canadian student permit, you need to answer some queries on the CIC website. These questions will determine whether you are eligible or not. If you are found eligible, you will get a personal checklist code that is valid for 60 days to submit your application online. For future reference, get the print out which will also include application guidelines, tuition fees, documents required and guidelines for the next step.

Once you get your documents and application form is ready and paid your fees, you can submit your completed application to CIC. When you are set to apply, create a MyCIC account, where you will enter your personal checklist code. You will then obtain your private document checklist, which allows you to upload and send your forms to CIC. In some cases, an applicant has to go through an interview.

Some applicants have to show a medical and police report before submitting the application. Your application will not be entertained, if you have any criminal record. You may be asked to get the police clearance certificate.
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