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An Adjective is a word used to qualify, i.e., to add something to the meaning of a Noun or a Pronoun.

Many Adjectives express the attribute an object in three different ways. Thus there are three Degrees of Comparison:-

1. The Positive Degree.
2. The Comparative Degree.
3. The Superlative Degree.

The Positive Degree.---

The Positive Degree shows the simple quality of an object without

reference to any other; as His pen is beautiful. ( “beautifuI”is a Positive Degree).

This important Part of Speech is of seven different kinds:-

1. An Adjective formed from a Proper Noun is called a Proper Adjective, and it always begins with a capital letter; as, Pakistani tea; American-can English wool.

2. An Adjective of Quality shows the kind, the quality or the state ofa person or a thing; as, A rich man; a newbook; fresh milk.

3. An Adjective of Quality shows how much of a thing is meant; as, some rice; little hope; a half holiday.

4. A Numeral Adjective shows how many persons or things are meant, or in what order a person or a thing stands; as, three books; ninth class; many trees.

5. A Demonstrative Adjective points out which person or thing is meant; as, this dog; that book; these boys; those pictures.

6. An Interrogative Adjective is used with Nouns to ask questions; as, Whose pen is this? Which way will you go? What book is that?

The words “whose/’ “what” and “which” are the only three lnterrogative Adjectives.

7. A Possessive Adjective is used with Nouns. to shows possession; as,

My house; her father (Possessive Adjectives are also called Possessive Pronouns).

The Comparative Degree.

The Comparative Degree  shows a higher degree of the quality and is used when two objects of the same kind or class are compared; as 1. She is older than I. ( “older” is a Comparative Degree).

2. His pen is more beautiful than mine. (“more beautiful? is a Comparative Degree).

The Superlative Degree.

The Superlative Degree  shows the highest degree of the quality  and is used when one object is compared with all other things of the same class; as,

1. She is the oldest of all. ( “oldest” is Superlative Degree).
2. His pen is the most beautiful of all. ( “most beautiful” is a Superlative Degree).

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