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Part of speech
The different kinds or classes into which are divided, according to their use, are called PART OF SPEECH. There are nine parts of speech in the english language. These are :-
1. The Noun. 2. Pronoun 3. The Adjective. 4. The Article. 5. The Verb. 6. The Adverb. 7. The Preposition. 8. The Conjunction. 9. The Interjection.

NOUN is the name of a person, place or thing. The word “thing,” in the connection, is used to mean anything living or dead, visible or invisible, tangible or intangible we can think of... Readmore

A Pronoun is a word used instead of a Noun or a Noun equivalent. It is of the same Number, Person and Gender as the Noun for which it stands. It saves the repetition of a Noun, when it has once been mentioned... Readmore

A VERB is a word used for saying something about some person or thing. lt is the most important word in a sentence, because we cannot make a sentence without it... Readmore

AN ADVERB adds something to the meaning of any part of speech except a Noun or a Pronoun. Sometimes, an Adverb modifies an entire Assertive Sentence. In such cases, the Adverb must stand first in the sentence; as,..Readmore

An Adjective is a word used to qualify, i.e., to add something to the meaning of a Noun or a Pronoun. The comparison of adjectives
Many Adjectives express the attribute an object in three different ways. Thus there are three Degrees of Comparison... Readmore

A Preposition is a word placed before a Noun or a Pronoun to show its relation to some other word; as,
A person can : go in water ;go into water, go through water: go on water ; go under water; go above water... Readmore

AN INTERJECTION is a word used to express some sudden felling or emotion ; as, Ah ! What l shall do !Properly speaking, it is not a Part of Speech, for it is not grammatically related to any other word... Readmore

Canjunctions join sentences and words : you can go but I must stay. Bashir and Rashid went to school. There are two kinds of conjunctions... Readmore
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