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Tha Position of the Article

The article usually precedes the noun to which it be longs: A book, :he college, an ox.

If there is an adjective before the noun, the article is placed before both:

A black cow the angry teacher . an ugly girl But the article follows words like many, such and what Many a man, such a fellow, what a fool he is !

When words like too how, as and so, come before adjectives. the article is placed after the adjective: It was too good a news to be true. I found out how great a sum l had lost. This is as good a watch as any. This is so fine a watch that I am afraid to lend it.

The article is also placed after all and both. All the boys in the school were friends. Both the brothers were absent.

When several adjectives describe the same person or thing, the article is prefixed to the first only but when the adjectives refer to different persons or thing, the article is used before each: A black and white cow was grazing in the field (one cow), A black and a white cow were grazing in the field (two cows),

Study the special uses of Articles in the following sentences :

(i) A good boy and a girl (girl is not good) A good boy and girl (both are good).

(ii) She is a better singer than ll dancer (two girls). She is a better singer than dancer (one girl).

(iii) Give me half a rupee (change). Give me n half rupee (one coin i.e, fifty paisa)

(iv) I go to school (for study). I go to the school (for some other purpose), He went to sea (for becoming a sailor). He went to the sea (for some other purpose). He went to jail (he was imprisoned). He went to the jail (he visited the jail).

(v) Make a room for me (get a room ready for me) Make room for me (accommodate me).

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