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Common errors in the use of articles

The following sentences show how any violation the rules of the correct use of Articles makes them wrong and how they are corrected :-

Incorrect Correct
1. Indus is largest river in Pakistan. 1. The Indus is the largest river in Pakistan.
2. Himalayas are highest mountains in world. 2. The Himalayas are the highest mountains in the world.
3. He is M .A. in the English. 3. He is an M.A. in English.
4. Muslims read Holy Quran every day. 4. The Muslims read the Holy Quran every day.
5. This is a news to me. 5. This is news to me.
6. I am student of Govt. lslamia School. 6. I am a student of the Govt. Islamia School.
7. Do not make noise. 7. Do not make a noise.
8. The both sisters are in ninth class. 8. Both the sisters are in the ninth class.
9. The all boys are going to canal. 9. All the boys are going to the canal.
10. A red and white cow are grazing in the field. 10. A red and a white cow (i.e.,two cows) are grazing in the field.
11. Horse is faithful animal. 11. The Horse is a faithful animal.
12. He put his ability to test. 12. He put his ability to the test.
13. I have got headache. 13. l have got a headache.
14. The gold is more valuable than the silver. 14. Gold is more valuable than silver.
15. His father is poet and a novelist. 15. His father is a poet and novelist.
16. Paris is as famous city as London. 16. Paris is as famous a city as London.
17. The wisdom is the gift of the God. 17. Wisdom is a gift of God.
18. The tree has struck the root into the ground. 18. The tree has struck root into the ground.
19. My sister kept the house for me. 19. My sister kept house for me.
20. The house caught the fire. 20. The house caught fire.
21. Rice of Kashmir is very sweet. 21. The rice of Kashmir is very Sweet.
22. Aziz Bhatti, the hero of the Pak Army, died in the Indo Pakistan War of 1 965. 22. Aziz Bhatti, hero of the Pak Army, died in the Indo Pakistan War of 1965.
23. What kind of a man is he? 23. What kind of man is he?
24. More we get, more we want. 24. The more we get, the more we want.
25. Nelson went to the sea at a very early age. 25. Nelson went to _sea at a very early age.
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