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Common errors in the use of adjectives
The following sentences show how any violation of the rules of English grammar makes them wrong  and how they are corrected:-

Incorrect Correct
1. He is the tallest boy of the two. 1. He is the taller boy of the two.
2. Who is tallest you or l? 2. Who is taller, you or I?
3. He is more cleverer than l. 3. He is cleverer than l.
4. I am the most saddest of all. 4. I am the saddest of all.
5. He is junior than me. 5. He is junior to me.
6. He is my oldest brother. 6. He is my eldest brother.
7. He is elder than I by two years. 7. He is older than l by two years.
8. lt is much fine today. 8. It is very fine today.
9. Rich should not hate poors. 9. The rich should not hate the poor.
10. We shall go by the nearest lorry. 10. We shall go by the next lorry.
11. He is leaving by 4-15 o’clock train. 11. He is leaving by the 4-15 o’clock train.
12. I have no any money to buy books. 12. I have no money to buy books.
13. My game is much more superior than yours. 13. My game is much superior to yours.
14. Give me a blotting. 14. Give me a piece of blotting paper.
15. He lives in the boarding. 15. He lives in the boarding.
16. The climate of Multan is 'hotter than Lahore. 16. The climate of Multan is hotter than that of Lahore.
17. l have no rupess with me. 17. I have no money with me.
18. My family members have gone to Muree. 18. The members of my family have gone to Muree.
19. Karachi is a worth-seeing place. 19. Karachi is a place worth seeing.
20. He is too much tired to attend to some work. 20. He is too tired to attend to any work.
21. She is greatest than any poetess. 21. She is greater than any other poetess.
22. You slept whole the night. 22. You slept the whole night.
23. The rose is a most beautiful flower. 23. The rose is the most beautiful flower.
24. There are no less than sixty boys in this class. 24. There are no fewer than sixty boys in this class.
25. This box is very heavy than that. 25. This box is heavier than that.
26. He gave me little quantity of milk. 26. He gave me a small quantity of milk.
27. My father left by the latest train. 27. My father left by the last train.
28. Each of us have a pen. 28. Each of us has a pen.
29. This is the eldest tree in my garden. 29. This is the oldest tree in my garden.
30. Little money is better than not money. 30. A little money is better than no money.
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