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In the modern era of today, there are many students who are applying to foreign universities for their higher Education. The country which is receiving a lot of student visa applications is Japan. Japan is a country which is fully rich in terms of culture and economic status that many students will be thinking about while applying for student visa Japan. Students can easily get admissions in many universities of Japan because there are many universities which offer financial grants, international scholarships and financial aid which could help them to fulfill their dream of study in Japan in an effective manner.

Who Requires a Student Visa for Japan?
There are vast majorities of students who want to know about which one of them will require a Japan student visa. The students who will require the study visa will be those who are going to study for 4 hours a day or 5 days a week in Japan for more than three months’ time period. You can only study in Japan with the help of a student visa otherwise there is no other option available for the overseas students.

How to get Student Visa for Japan?
If you are planning to apply for study visa Japan, you will need to consider a few things. First you will need to find a college or university that fulfills all your study program requirements. There are more than one hundred colleges and universities only in Tokyo, where you can apply for a student visa and get selected easily. All the colleges and universities of Japan delivers quality education. When you apply for a student visa, the things that you will need to provide to the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in his/her country are:

• Passport size picture
• A certificate of eligibility
• A valid passport

How to Get Certificate of Eligibility?
The students who are interested to get their certificate of eligibility with ease can hire quality education services from many foreign immigration companies. These immigration companies will help you simplify the documents that you require to get the student visa for Japan. These companies also provide the facility of online application submission for the overseas students who require a certificate of eligibility from various colleges and universities of Japan. The things that will be required by these immigration companies are:

Application Form: In this application form the student will have fill his personal data like for instance name, cell number, surname, address and many more other personal information. These immigration companies will send your application to your desired college or university in Japan and will also help you out to fill it properly, so you won’t make any mistakes which ends up in refusal of your student visa application.

Photo: A passport size will also be required by these companies which you easily send it by an email.

Copy of Passport: You will also require to send a copy of the passport which has your name, photo and information about your previous visits to any other country.

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