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In the past few years, it is seen that vast majorities of students are applying for student visa for Italy. It is only because of the reason that Italy has gained a lot of popularity among people of being a well-known study destination in Europe and all around the world. Every year, many European and overseas students come to Italy to pursue higher education in various educational programs. In Italy, many educational courses are offered like for instance 1st degree programs, doctoral degree programs, 2nd degree programs and many other. European and overseas students apply for study visa in Italy also because of the reason that the cost of the study is more affordable as compared to the cost in UK and USA. However, the quality of education in Italy is not according to the modernized teaching infrastructure.

The students can also have access to all the information they require from the Italian Embassies and Consulates located in different countries all around the world. To help you get information and details regarding obtaining a student visa for Italy, I have discussed some information below:

Documents Required for Student Visa

The documents which a student may require for the study visa for Italy are:

  • You will require a valid identity card, passport and travel documents with visa.
  • You can also carry traveler’s cheques and credit card along with you, which you should keep safe during travelling.
  • You will also require all of your health documents which are related to you student health insurance plan.
  • You will require the university acceptance letter which is offered to you by the Italian university.
  • You will require financial documentary evidence which shows that you can financially support yourself during your study duration in Italy.
  • Some other related documents may also be required by the Italian consulate or university like for instance citizenship and many other.
  • You will also require documents which assures the Italian Embassy that you have proper accommodation in the country.

Visa Requirements
The things that you will be needing for your visa are discussed below:

  • You will need two of your passport size photographs. However, you should keep more than two photographs in case you may need them.
  • One fully filled visa application form which is also signed by the Italian Consulate.
  • Your passport should be valid for at least three months in case you prolong your stay in Italy.
  • You will also require to have the copy of the passport page which contains all the personal information of the passport holder and also of the page containing visa extension information.
  • You will also require a letter of acceptance from the college or university in Italy, which shows the information of the duration of the course, date of attendance, starting and ending date of course and fee structure.
  • If you are being sponsored, you may require a letter addressed to the Italian Consulate stating that you own your private means of support in the country.
  • If you are given financial grant or scholarship, you should have the related documents which shows the information about them.
  • You will also require a bank statement, which shows your financial details and it should be signed by the bank manager.

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