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There are vast majorities of student from all around the world who don’t know what to do after getting admission in any college or university of Germany. Students who are seeking admission should search for the information about the official documents that are needed for the student visa for Germany. It is really important for the students to know whether they require a student visa before starting of the course, because this process requires months for completion. There will be some students who may fall under the category in which they will only require to have residential permit to study in Germany.

Eligibility for Germany Student Visa
The applicants who belong from European countries like for instance Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and other will not have to obtain a student visa to study and enter in Germany. Moreover, applicants from USA, UK, Japan, Switzerland, South Korea, Israel and New Zealand will also not have to obtain a student visa for Germany to study in Germany. However, these applicants will have to get themselves registered from the Alien’s Registration office and get the residence authorization within two weeks’ time to study and enter in Germany.

The overseas students who belong from Monaco, Taiwan, Honduras, San Marino, Brazil, Andorra and El Salvador will only require a Germany student visa before and after the completion of their course/degree. The students from rest of the countries all around the world will have to apply before three months from the starting of the course of the Germany student visa. These students can easily apply for the study visa from the Germany embassy or consulate in their country.

How to Apply for Student Visa Germany
All the students who comes in the category where the student visa for Germany is required will have to apply for it on immediate basis. They will have to apply well before three months in order to get the visa on time. Moreover, they will also need to go to the German Embassy or Consulate in their country for proper information regarding the documents required for the visa.

Students will also have to provide a valid passport, acceptance letter from the college or university, health credential and a bank statement which shows that they have suitablemoney to cover all their expenses during their stay in Germany. Students should also have to provide a legal document in which it is stated that they are involved in any sort of crime in the past.Students will have to apply for the National visa if they are planning to study in Germany for the duration of only three months. If the duration of your stay in Germany is more than three months you will have to apply for the Schengen visa. Moreover, you will also have to apply for the residence permit.

Student Visa Germany Considerations
There are some things that are needed to be considered if you have obtained a Germany student visa. If you have a student visa, you will be given permission to work on legal basis in Germany, however the number of days and hours will be limited. The international students also have the permission to work in Germany for the duration of one year after completion of graduation studies.

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