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There are vast majorities of students all around the world who are in search for the information about the student visa UAE. The selection of the international scholarships and student visas could prove to be tedious task. It is really important for the students before selecting his/her foreign university for undergraduate or PhD education to search for the selected university quality of teaching, research profile, reputation of university academics and career opportunities. Mostly, it is found that the students who get their degrees from internationally renowned universities get highly paid jobs after completion of their studies.

There are many universities in UAE who are offering a vast range of academic programs which will help the overseas applicant’s interests, talents and skills in an effective manner. These academic programs offered by the UAE universities can be a good opportunity for the overseas students to start an academic and professional career along with the cultural exposure. Most of the UAE universities also offer international scholarships and educational grants to the overseas students who are unable to pay their tuition fee.

Documents Required for UAE Student Visa
Below I have discussed about the documents which you will need to apply for student visa UAE.

  • You will require a passport which has a minimum validity of six months. Moreover, you passport must have two empty visa pages which will used for visa stamps and endorsing visa.
  • You will require about four colored copies of your passport.
  • Twelve photographs will be required.
  • After arrival, three passport with entry visa copies will be required.
  • You will also need to have an evidence of acceptance to the UAE tertiary institute or an offer letter to prove your reason to come to UAE.
  • Bank statements will be required which shows your financial information in UAE.
  • You will also require an admission letter of the university which has given you admission.
  • A copy of the tuition fee receipt of the study program for the current year will be required.
  • A copy of visa fee receipt of the study program for the current year will be required.
  • If you have applied for post-graduate studies, you will require attested undergraduate degree

Students from some listed countries will also have to go through a detailed security check to make sure that they are not considered to be a threat to the UAE security. You will also require to have a medical test from an authorized medical center of UAE, which will cost you from 350-500 AED. In the medical test you will go through a blood test, X-Ray of chest to check for Tuberculosis, Syphilis, Hepatitis C, Leprosy, Hepatitis B and HIV. If you got any of these test results positive you will be deported on immediate basis. However, if you get positive results of syphilis, you will not be deported because it can be treated. But, you may require clearance from the UAE immigration department and UAE Ministry of Health.

In a nutshell, if you want to get selected for the student visa UAE, you will need to have all these documents with you, so you can get admission in any of the educational university of UAE with ease.

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