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Canada information for students

After Russia, Canada is considered to be the second largest country in the world. However, the amazing thing about it is that it only comprises of 1/5th of Russia’s population. People from various walks of life travel to Canada for business, study, job and touring purpose.Canada is no doubt a great place for investors because it holds free trade agreement with Mexico and USA that has brought an upward trend in the economy. Students who wish to study abroadcan enroll themselves in Canada’s top most and worldwide recognized universities. It is a great place to settle and enjoy the modern lifestyle.

Politics in Canada
Canada progressively developed as an alliance of British colonies and the provinces hold great powers. Canada follows the footstep of BritishParliamentarydemocracy and the United Kingdom’s ruler is leader of state characterized principally by a stategovernorgeneral. French-speaking Quebec has vastethnic and dialectalsovereignty.

Culture of Canada
Canada is a country with huge diversity in culture. It was year 1890 when Canada invited people all over the world to come and settle and make some contribution in the economy. Canadian immigration rules and regulations werenot hidden from anyone that resulted in hospitality and equity in its beliefs. This is clearly seen into the soul of the nation where publicisexhilarated and to preserve their ethnicindividualities, civilizations and languages.

People of Canada
Canada is a great place to live in and enjoy the freedom. The people of Canada are very hospitable,social, friendly and polite. Although they may differ in culture and language but overall, they are living as one soul and community. It sets a great influence on the minds of people and that is why Canada is a peaceful place with lot of tolerance and patience in people.

Customs in Canada
People of Canada follow customs and traditions strictly. When people meet each other they greet by shaking hands. The hand shake should be firm and there must be a smile on faceand direct contact with eye. Canadians call each other by first name. French Canadians usually kiss cheeks, to greet each other. Dining etiquettes are not too strict and somewhat informal.On special occasions such as Christmas, Easter and other big days, gifts and flowers are normally exchanged. Business people are normally formal in the beginning when meeting someone for the first time but will get friendly and informal after sometime.

Education in Canada
Canada holds some of the top research facilities for students. International scholarships are offered by some of the most prestigious and recognized universities in Canada. These scholarships are given to brilliant students having some unique abilities and skills. Students from all over the world apply to these universities to get further education in various fields such as business, engineering, doctor and philosophy. Canada student visa is offered by immigration department of Canada after analyzing and evaluating the education background and student’s ability and skills. It is a great place for students to study as well as work without worrying.


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