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Student Visa Brazil Requirements
In the past few years, a lot of hype has been seen among the students who are interested to study in the Brazil colleges and universities. It is only because these international colleges and universities are vastly accepting the student’s applications to provide them high quality undergraduate or post graduate education. However, there are most universities who claim to have the quality standard of education and facilities provided to the students. In this context, the students will have to check for the student visa for Brazil requirements in order to get admission in their desired college or university.

A student visa of Brazil is considered to be compulsory for the students applying from US and are planning to visit Brazil for the purpose of study. The requirements for the study visa has been recently changed by the Brazilian governments. The applicants who are going to apply for the visa should be aware of these new visa requirements and plans accordingly in order to avoid any sort of complications during the process.

The first student visa requirement for the student applicants is that they must complete their study visa application form online on the official website of Brazilian Embassy. The visa application forms cannot be downloaded, printed and completed by hand. The completion of the online study visa application is really easy and can be effortlessly filled by the students. The application form is hosted by the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs which is needed to be filled by the overseas students for study visa. When you go to the official site, a warning message will appear which will state that this site is using an unknown certificate. To avoid this warning you will need to allow your Internet browser to access this website.

The student visa application of Brazil is divided into four parts:
• General Information
• Documents
• Occupation
• Addresses
In the general information section, the students are requested to fill their general information which will be name, sex and date of birth, parents name, marital status and nationality. In the documents section, the students will need to enter all the information in their passport. The occupation section should be filled with the name of your company and the designation you are working in the company. Finally, in the address section the students will have to provide the information about their permanent residence.
When you have completed the form, you will be able to attain the option to print it. Moreover, after completion of the application a protocol number will also be assigned to you. By using this number you will have to set an appointment at the Brazilian Embassy in your country. You will also need to know that now the Brazilian Embassy is no longer accepting walk-in applications. Your application will only be accepted by the appointment you made with the help of the protocol number you got from the official website after completing the form. In a nutshell, if you want to get your study visa for Brazil application accepted, you will need to follow all these requirements.

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